Project #6

Arbitro store

Tokyo, Japan

Two GOTHIC II wall lamps are beautifully placed behind the wooden counter inside the Tokyo-based Arbitro store. The two wall lamps’ dual shade fixtures emit a soft lighting that leaves a distinctive pattern on the wall while the brushed surfaces are subtly illuminated through the narrow peepholes. The warm hues and atmosphere inside the Arbitro store is an elegant fusion between stylish vintage, true craftsmanship and modern interior.

Store Design: GAVEL INC.
Photographer: Kozo Takayama

Project #5

Ølands bakery

Kolding, Denmark

Our PEANUT pendants by Bent Karlby are featured in the warm and welcoming Ølands bakery. With its white opal glass and brass detailing, the PEANUT pendant provides soft light and a pleasant atmosphere above the counter – matching the wooden interior and natural materials perfectly. 

Design: Form3
Photographer: Amate

Project #4

Astralis Nexus

Copenhagen, Denmark

Astralis Nexus is the new Astralis flagship store and entertainment space in central Copenhagen next to Tivoli Gardens – featuring a gaming center, streaming hubs, fan spaces, VIP rooms, café and auditorium. We are proud to have our DIVAN 2 pendant, PAN pendant as well as PAN wall lamp illuminating this incredible space. With their stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, the lighting enters into a contemporary, cool and high-tech atmosphere.

Project #3

Jesper Koch

Sønderborg, Denmark

In his grand new house in Southern Denmark, the acclaimed Danish head chef, Jesper Koch, has created a home where functionality and quality go hand in hand - and where the lighting is allowed to stand out.

In his time as commis chef, the old Divan 2 restaurant in Tivoli Gardens was the place to be and known for its high quality. "It was an institution within Danish gastronomy" explains Jesper Koch. The restaurant and its distinctive interior still reminds Jesper Koch about a special time in his career - and because of this, it is no coincidence that the DIVAN 2 pendant has gotten a central spot in the home. High above the large stairway you will find the DIVAN 2 pendant in its original colours and mirrored surfaces. The open space is covered in oak slat wallIs and the combination of the warm oak and the sharp expression of the pendant is a deliberate choice. "The two match each other despite the contrast between the warmth of the oak and the shiny expression and colourful insides. It is often the contrasts that make an experience something special - just like a dinner". The large DIVAN 2 pendant is intended to provide more than ordinary illumination. It is just as much a piece of art. Jesper Koch is particularly captivated by the intimate illumination and the way in which the light is emitted. "At night, the light is magical", explains Jesper Koch. The eye-catching design contrasts the the straight lines and soft expression in the materials found in the house. "The pendant is edgy, pointy and distinctive. It stands out - but there was no doubt in my mind that this stunning pendant should have a central spot in my new home" - tells Jesper Koch.

Centrally in the house, you will find large MOSAIK pendants lighting up the long dining table. The pendants are chosen to establish the ideal atmosphere with their downward facing light that illuminates the long table in a pleasant way. "The right light is important to me - both in my own home and in the restaurant. Light is a function but just as much feelings and an atmosphere - which are pivotal above the dining table or in the kitchen. It is also important to me that there are different kinds of light in a room and not merely an even illumination across the room. Direct light in the kitchen and dimmed lights in the corners. Otherwise, it all becomes too flat and monotonous" explains Jesper Koch.

In the home, PAN wall lamps, NINOTCHKA and VERONA pendants can also be found.

Project #2

The magnificent DIVAN 2

Aarhus, Denmark

High above the entrance at the new headquarter of an Aarhus-based company, the DIVAN 2 pendant shines bright. A clear view of its unique construction and flow of light can be seen when standing right under the large pendant. From the first floor, you get to experience the pendant even closer and how the light display changes depending on the perspective of the viewer.

We wanted the DIVAN 2 pendant to be a sculptural statement when entering our office – and we are amazed by its ability to fill up the large room with its beautiful light and warmth. Especially at night or in the early morning when the pendant is turned on. It is like a glowing sun” - Owner

Featured product: DIVAN 2



Aarhus, Denmark

Inside the SELECTED Homme/Femme store, the VERONA 720 takes the centre stage in the large window display. The corner at Ryesgade is directed at the main shopping street gaining much attention and constant traffic. At night, the beautiful pendant shines light on the lounge setting below and with its indirect shade construction, the VERONA pendant beautifully self-illuminates. The impressive size makes it ideal for elegantly lighting up a large space while ensuring a pleasant lightscape for its surroundings.