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Illuminating traditions

LYFA is a visionary home of iconic classics from some of Denmark’s most influential lighting designers. Our enduring designs explore and enhance good lighting in all its shapes and facets.  

The LYFA collection is founded on pure aesthetics and a purposeful design philosophy shaped by decades of dedicated craftsmanship and captivating lighting designs. The design classics are crafted to impeccable quality standards and offer light arrangements for every home, occasion and situation.

Carefully updated and perfected for contemporary living

With great respect for the original designs, the new LYFA collection includes a versatile range of floor, table, wall and ceiling lamps. Dimensions and materials have been thoughtfully updated to complement contemporary and sustainable living. Plastic shades have been replaced with opal glass, chrome plating is changed to polished stainless steel securing a timeless and long-lasting expression without compromising on quality or the original design language.

Craftsmen of the good light

Lighting a room is a delicate matter of creating and balancing the perfect lightscape - the complex interplay between light, the physical surroundings and the desired ambience. Light is the ingredient that influences everything, and our aim is to create the ideal lighting experience through thoughtful design and high-quality materials. To us, it is a question of designing lighting products that set the desired illumination and not the other way around