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Embracing the good light

Light is an essential source of energy. From bright to dark and back again, light affects our surroundings, mood and well-being. By accentuating details or concealing them in shadows, lighting can change the feel of a room in an instant.  

LYFA’s main reason for being is to enhance the good light. Our craftsmanship is built on proud traditions and thorough knowledge. When creating the ultimate lighting experience, we take the starting point of three different types of light – direct, indirect, or diffuse. Each serving a specific purpose based on their impact, direction, and construction. 

Lighting a room is all about a comfortable level of illumination. Whether that be direct light at the desk, indirect, decorative light in the living room, or diffused light above the coffee table to set the desired ambiance. The ideal lightscape is the result of a complex interplay between the room, atmosphere, light, and form. When working with light, our design philosophy is based on the ’form follows function’ paradigm. Light is the core, and from there, we work our way out to create the perfect lighting experience with an emphasis on high-quality materials to fulfil the good light. 

A comfortable level of illumination

Choosing the ideal light source is vital. We have added a list of recommended bulbs for each lighting design.
See the thorough product details at each product site for more information. 

Enjoy the good light with LYFA

Direct lighting

Direct lighting is focused illumination with an exposed light source. It enhances the visibility and directs the light to where it is needed. By highlighting objects and surfaces, direct lighting is useful for specific purposes, like reading a book or prepping food in the kitchen. Choosing the correct light source is vital to avoid glare and lighting that is too harsh.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is ideal for creating an ambient setting as illumination relies on reflected, indirect light from the source. The light is emitted in different directions, which adds a delicate brightness, while the concealed light source ensures a glare-free experience. Choosing the correct light source is important to provide a sufficient level of illumination.

Diffused lighting

Diffused lighting is non-directional; a soft, scattered light that is not directed at particular objects or surfaces. The light passes through a translucent surface, creating a softer appearance that serves well as overall room illumination or to create an ambient setting. Choosing the correct light source is essential to avoid unwanted patterns on the illuminated surfaces.