Designed by Bent Karlby in 1959, the MOSAIK collection is an ingenious lighting system based on a simple, geometrical design principle. Carefully perfected for contemporary living.

Designed by Bent Karlby

NINOTCHKA is a genuine and easily recognizable design icon, designed by Bent Karlby in 1954. When giving shape to this lamp, Bent Karlby had taken note of an eye-catching hat, worn by the Swedish Hollywood star Greta Garbo in her 1939 film, Ninotchka. The organic body with its asymmetric drapes, ensures functional direct downlight and diffused ambient uplight.

Designed in 1970


Quite surprisingly, only limited information still exists about the GOTHIC series, making it an intriguing bit of Danish design mystery.

Embracing the good light

Lighting a room is a delicate matter of creating and balancing the perfect lightscape – the complex interplay between light, the physical surroundings and the desired ambience. Light is the ingredient that influences everything, and our aim is to create the ideal lighting experience through thoughtful design and high-quality materials.



Building on proud traditions
tracing back to 1903


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Designed in 1962
Relaunched in 2020