A sophisticated eight-shade pendant that serves soft, glare-free lighting with timeless grace and simplicity. When lit, the spherical pendant beautifully self-illuminates, making for a striking display in itself

Designed by Sven Middelboe

When introduced in 1978, Sven Middelboe’s VERONA series understandably grew into the most popular design of his career. VERONA is the type of design that stands out for its eye-catching simplicity. A graceful and timeless pendant constructed from eight circular shades. This simplistic ingenuity, paired with its clean lines, has made VERONA a genuine classic that’s every bit as appealing today as it was four decades ago.

Bent Karlby


A mid-century classic that is full of character - designed by Bent Karlby in 1946. The attractive, curvy-shaped shade is crafted from mouth-blown opalized glass, complemented by a brass top and bottom. PEANUT provides a soft and comfortable lighting experience, wherever you choose to hang it.

Embracing the good light

Lighting a room is a delicate matter of creating and balancing the perfect lightscape – the complex interplay between light, the physical surroundings and the desired ambience. Light is the ingredient that influences everything, and our aim is to create the ideal lighting experience through thoughtful design and high-quality materials.



Building on proud traditions
tracing back to 1903


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Designed in 1962
Relaunched in 2020