REPOSE is a new series of opal glass lamps epitomized by GamFratesi’s passion for craftsmanship, contrasts and refined aesthetic. Designed to provide a calm atmosphere with its diffused light, graphic expression and soft shapes.

Designed by GamFratesi

With its geometric interplay between the organic shapes and the straight line passing through the shade, the REPOSE series is designed to bring serenity of mind. The simplicity and functionality of traditional Japanese hair pins provided a spark of inspiration for the design. Focusing on the balance point that creates a serene and suspended feeling of balance while giving great importance to the smallest detail of the lamp. The striking purity of the stick provides a lightweight appearance to the large, opal glass shades, which make the pendants almost floating in the air – evoking meditative movements of hanging mobiles that are formed between object and space. With its calm and contemporary expression, REPOSE is intended to ease your mind and illuminate living spaces. 

Embracing the good light

Lighting a room is a delicate matter of creating and balancing the perfect lightscape – the complex interplay between light, the physical surroundings and the desired ambience. Light is the ingredient that influences everything, and our aim is to create the ideal lighting experience through thoughtful design and high-quality materials.



Building on proud traditions
tracing back to 1903


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