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SUNDOWNER is an iconic pendant designed by Jørn Utzon in 1948 characterised by its four-shade construction and how the light elegantly illuminates the shape. The soft curves and opposite-facing shades are designed prior to Utzon’s architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House. With its dynamic design, the SUNDOWNER pendant expresses a clear linkage to the unique shell structures that have adorned the Sydney Harbour for more than half a century.

Find the brass version of SUNDOWNER here.


Origin story

Back in 1948, the shades of the SUNDOWNER pendant were produced by hand under fairly primitive conditions by Jørn Utzon and his friend and colleague, Sven Middelboe. Post-war rationing meant that Utzon and Middelboe had to work effectively to ensure earnings – and production of own lighting designs became the start of their professional career. The name ‘SUNDOWNER’ brings warm climes to mind and when turned on, the last rays of sunlight can be seen in the horizontal middle part of the lamp. Shaped to provide a comfortable illumination and set the right atmosphere as the sun goes down.      

Designed prior to the architectural masterpiece

Jørn Utzon had the unique ability to create shapes that catch and accentuate the light, which has made him one of Denmark’s most influential architects. His career has centered around spaces and how contrasts between light and shadows define the ambiance in a room. With his early lighting designs, he worked with clear principles which he carried with him into the architectural world. The iconic structures of the Sydney Opera House are an impressing sight that changes depending on the perspective of the viewer. Each of the opposite-facing shells create its own sculptural expression – resembling the four shades of the SUNDOWNER pendant. The work of Jørn Utzon is characterized by his architectural versatility, but light has been the essential element throughout his entire career.


The direct, downward-facing light and a carefully placed light source ensure a soft and optimised light. Through small gaps inside the pendant, a discrete amount of light escapes and illuminates the top and bottom shade. The elegant indirect light makes the lamp a striking display in itself.


An homage to Can Lis

On the island of Mallorca, Jørn Utzon built himself a house on a steep cliff facing the Mediterranean Sea. The building is named after his wife and became an idyllic residence for his family. The building’s large, open windows are designed to highlight the soft sunlight and blend with the unique surroundings while the traditional Mallorcan sandstone give the entire building a rough expression, vivid display of light and muted rose feel. We celebrate Jørn Utzon’s ability to embrace nature and light with a special edition colour for the SUNDOWNER pendant named ‘Mallorcan’ inspired by the sandstone blocks of the Can Lis residence. The distinctive colour makes the pendant both contemporary and timeless.

Product details

SUNDOWNER is a classic pendant with a clean expression – relaunched in three sizes and four different colour combinations. The first SUNDOWNER pendants were produced as a flexible shade system in which the shades should be assembled on top of the light source. Today, the shades are fixed, which ensures a solid, high-quality pendant without compromising on the original design.


Matt painted steel

White /  White
Black / White
Mallorcan / White

H 21,5  x  Ø 25 cm

1.2 kg

Socket: E14
Max wattage: 40 Watt
Energy class: The luminaire is compatible with bulbs of energy classes A++ – D

Recommended light source: Philips LED 4.3W - 470 lumen


CE, Recyclable product, WEEE, Class II

3m white textile cord

Turn off the lamp before cleaning it. Dust off with a dry soft cloth. Greasy spots can be removed with a soft cloth, wring it in lukewarm water containing a mild detergent. Never use strong or abrasive household cleaners for cleaning the lamp.