VERONA is a prime example of functionalist design philosophy, in which form follows function. The need for glare-free lighting is achieved by bending and shaping the light around the ring shades. Sven Middelboe managed to design the shades so there are no visible suspensions between the shades - making them almost flowing in air. The pendant provides soft and functional illumination that’s easy on the eyes, while elegantly keeping the light source obscured from view. All the while, the lamp itself lights up, becoming a timeless design piece in the room.

Designed by Sven Middelboe

When introduced in 1968, Sven Middelboe’s VERONA series understandably grew into the most popular design of his career. VERONA is the type of design that stands out for its eye-catching simplicity. A graceful and timeless pendant constructed from eight circular shades. The simplistic ingenuity paired with its clean lines have made VERONA a genuine classic that is every bit as appealing today as it was four decades ago.