Kolonien, Refshaleøen

Relive our world premiere at 3daysofdesign

September 2020

We are proud, humbled and excited that LYFA once again sees the light of day. We want to thank everyone who stopped by and for all the positive response that we received. We have worked intensively with our collection and the relaunch for more than a year. Our reveal at 3daysofdesign was a huge milestone for us to achieve. 

The ideal lightscape

The exhibition at Kolonien has been curated together with the Danish-Italian designduo GamFratesi as the venue for the relaunch. The place represents an upcoming area of Copenhagen full of creativity. The open and light landscape surrounding the three houses facilitated the ideal space for expressing and supporting the good light. “With Kolonien, we found the perfect location and atmosphere where we could work with all the facets of light and express the story and proud traditions of LYFA”, says GamFratesi.

Design director and owner of LYFA, has been working with light for more than twenty years and through his work, he came upon LYFA when scrutinizing Danish lighting history. "LYFA is the second oldest lighting company in Denmark but had been untouched since 1998. Their designs, philosophy and approach to lighting deserves recognition and seeing the light of day once again. I wanted to bring the lamps up-to-date and fitting contemporary living while staying true to the original design language". After working closely with the designs for more than one and a half years, 3daysofdesign was the ideal stage for revealing the entire collection.

"With LYFA, we want to set the bar high and challenge the common perception of what lighting can and should do. I am extremely proud to finally present these designs and all the work we have done to create the good light in all its facets and shapes" 

Three houses designed to tell the story behind LYFA


The first exhibition welcomed everyone with the spectacular DIVAN 2 pendant in its original design but in a new and impressive size. The Showroom represented the diversity within the collection and displayed five out of the nine design families – each one iconic of its time. Spanning from 1946 to 1970. Beyond the DIVAN 2 lamp, which is designed by Simon P. Henningsen (son of Poul Henningsen), the showroom also covered: MOSAIK, PEANUT, NINOTCHKA, GOVERNOR & GOTHIC, which are all designed by Bent Karlby, who was one of the main designers behind LYFA.


In the second exhibition you were welcomed by the amazing VERONA lamp designed by Sven Middelboe.  In this house, we emphasized how we build on the proud traditions tracing back to 1903 and at the same time, how we have updated the collection by giving it a more timeless and contemporary design. The studio represented our craftsmanship in terms of attention to detail, different types of light and variety of material - going from solid brass and painted steel to aluminium and glass, all materials that are made to last.


Our third exhibition invited the visitors to experience our lighting in an informal atmosphere and domestic living context where the selected lamps were chosen based on their type of light and purpose. Inside the HOUSE, you should make yourself at home and experience the good light of LYFA in terms of enjoying a comfortable level of illumination and the lightscape inside as well as outside the house.