Explore our selection of black painted pendants. Our MOSAIK and NINOTCHKA series feature an open top that ensures ambient upward lighting while the downlight is even and direct, which makes for a functional lighting experience. The outer shade is matt black with a contrasting white on the inside to reflect the light and provide optimal illumination.

Designed by Bent Karlby

Designed by Bent Karlby in 1959, the MOSAIK collection is an ingenious lighting system based on a simple, geometrical design principle. The conical shade design ensures soft and optimized light, while the brass connectors enable a plethora of product variations to serve a wide variety of lighting needs. The MOSAIK product family consists of pendants, table, floor, and wall lamps.

There is no light without darkness

Light is most needed when darkness starts to emerge and shadows bring forth shapes and contrasts. Use black pendants inside your home to highlight these eternal contrasts between light and darkness. Black has the ability to stand out from its surroundings, create clear contours and remain timeless where other trends come and go.

Black is not often connected to lightness as the dark shades of black absorb light instead of reflecting it. In order to ensure optimal illumination, a smooth white surface is found inside the MOSAIK and NINOTCHKA shades. The white colour provides a beautiful and pleasant light, which is the key to create the ideal lightscape. In the 1950s, some of the greatest masters of light began to used the black surface with a contrasting white on the inside to match the straight lines of modernist architecture. Today, the combination of the black outline and the bright white remains as contemporary as ever.